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Features > Stereonet diagrams 

Stereonet diagrams

RockWorks also offers a detailed suite of stereonet analysis tools.


Stereonet data
A stereonet can be created from strike and dip (or dip-direction, dip-angle) data; plot linear, planar, or rake features on a stereonet.

Stereonet in RockWorks 

Great circles and poles
Planar data can be plotted as great circles or poles normal to a plane.
Stereonet with great circles and plotted poles 

Unique symbols
A stereonet can display unique symbols for any sample or group of samples.

Unique symbols on a stereonet 

Stereonet statistics
Stereonet statistical calculations include mean lineation orientation, eigenvalues, and spherical variance.

Stereonet data statistics 

Stereonet contouring
A contoured stereonet can illustrate point density calculated by either a simple step function or the spherical Gaussian Technique.

Contoured stereonet data 

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