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Features > Solid Modeling Tools 

Solid Modeling Tools

Create solid models from XYZG data, with a variety of viewing options (isosurfaces, 3D voxels, profiles, fence diagrams). Analysis and filtering tools, too.

  • 8 interpolation methods for xyzg data
  • Additional interpolation tools such as Logarithmic and High-Fidelity Interpolation
  • View 3D solid models as isosurfaces, or use the "all voxels" option.
  • Solid models can be used to create 3D fence diagrams, and 2D cross-sections and maps
  • Solid statistics and volume calculations
  • Easily use grid surfaces as upper and lower boundaries
  • Morph from one solid to another to create AVI animation
  • Boolean operations for analysis of overburden and ore/waste thickness

Data types, modeling algorithms
The RockWorks 3D solid modeling utilities read XYZG data from RockWorks data sheet and linked downhole data files, or from existing XYZG data files. Available 3D solid modeling methods: Inverse-distance with directional weighting, anisotropic or isotropic, and/or horizontal bias, closest point, and distance to point.

3D viewing/display options
  • View all solid models in the RockPlot3D 3D openGL viewer
  • Solid models can be displayed as an isosurface or as all-voxels
  • Interactive filtering of the solid or isosurface
  • Interactive on-screen volume computations
  • Manipulate lighting and vertical stretch
  • Pan, rotate, zoom in and zoom out
PCB contaminant plume solid model displayed as 3D isosurface in OpenGL, with color legend, transparency and draped raster overlay site map 

  • Adjust transparency
  • Insert horizontal and vertical slices
  • Append other 3D views
  • Morph between models to create dynamic "movies" that show time-based changes
  • View solid models as 3D fence diagram  
Mercury plume migration morph 

  • Warp or tilt your model based on a surface or inclined plane
  • Interactive rotation and zooming
  • Insert horizontal and vertical slices
  • Append color legends
  • Adjust transparency
  • Append other 3D diagrams, and more
  • Float or drape 2D RockWorks images (e.g. maps) or raster images over your solid model
Examples of normal, tilted, and warped models. 

2D viewing/display options
  • View slice of solid model as single 2D profile
  • View multiple slices of solid model as multi-panel 2D section
Solid model slice as 2D profile 

Other solid modeling options
  • Statistical computations, resampling, arithmetic operations, model editing, extraction and insertion of 2D horizontal or vertical "slices" as grid files.
  • Model smoothing and filtering based on data range, polygon overlays, 3D tubes, distance from control points, and grid surfaces
  • Boolean models created and filtered based on thickness of ore zones and stripping ratios; density conversions convert volumes to mass
  • Import and export 3D solid modeling data files as ASCII
Solid model generated with boolean filters 

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