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Features > 3D objects 

3D Objects

Use RockWorks' OpenGL tools to create 3D objects which can be combined with other 3D images (solids, surfaces, fences, etc.).


Floating or draped raster images
Raster images can draped over a grid surface or floating at a user-selected elevation.

Bitmap (aeromag contours) floating above 3D orebody and stratigraphic block model 

Raster image panels
Raster images can be displayed as horizontal or vertical panels. Handy for display of hand-drawn sections!

Bitmaps (generated in a paint program - see upper left and right corners) plotted via Panels program combined with stratigraphy logs (semi-transparent). 

Horizontal and vertical tanks
Leaking storage tanks depicted above a contaminant plume, monitoring wells, and site map at a cleanup site 

Surface Objects
Create simple 3D objects such as buildings, roads, walls and tanks.

Buildings, roads, and tanks displayed with subsurface soils, aquifer and logs. 

Scalable spheres
Earthquake epicenters depicted as spheres. Colors and sizes are scaled in proportion to earthquake magnitude. 

Tubes (visualize tunnels and shafts)
Solid model of kimberlite pipe, with mine workings depicted by tubes 

Oriented objects (arrows)
3D arrows 

Also: 3D triangles and 3D cubes

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