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Features > Geosteering Tools 

Geosteering Programs

Create 2D and 3D geosteering diagrams from downhole survey, gamma-resistivity, and gas data. Calculate optimal well paths from XYZ points.

  • 2D geosteering diagrams display planned and actual well paths, payzone, and mud-gas, gamma, and resistivity curves.
  • 3D geosteering diagrams display planned and actual well paths and payzone surfaces in an interactive 3D window.
  • Compute an optimal well path between known XYZ points.

2D Lateral Geosteering Diagrams

With input of the planned well path survey and the current drilling survey, plus downhole gamma, resistivity, and mud-gas measurements, RockWorks creates a geosteering profile diagram showing the well bore location in relation to the payzone and the geophysical and gas curves. 

RockWorks 2D Lateral Geosteering Diagram 

3D Geosteering Diagrams

Use RockWorks to read the planned survey data and the current drilling survey and display the well bores in an interactive 3D display. Payzone surfaces can be included.

RockWorks 3D Lateral Geosteering Diagrams 

Computing Optimum Well Paths

RockWorks Utilities contains three tools which read input XYZ "intercept" points and compute the optimum (least curvature) well path.

  • XYZ Point Output:  The program creates a report with XYZ points along the optimum well bore, the downhole survey (depth, azimuth, inclination), and distance from the intercept points.
RockWorks optimum well path report 

  • Downhole Survey Output: RockWorks creates a report with the downhole survey (depth, azimuth, inclination), for use as a planned well path, import into the Borehole Manager, etc.
RockWorks well path survey output 

  • 3D Display: RockWorks creates a 3D scene with the optimum well path and the intercept points, for display in the interactive RockPlot3D viewer.
RockWorks well path survey output 

Quick Video: Designing Optimal Well & Tunnel Paths based on XYZ Intercepts (04:14)


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