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Features > Feature Levels 

Feature Levels

RockWorks is offered with several program levels so that you can purchase just the features you need.  Each level contains the preceding ones.

Here is a summary of the feature levels in RockWorks17, with starting prices.


License Level: Free Basic Standard Advanced
Single License Price: FREE! $1,500 $3,000 $5,000
-or- Annual Rental Price: FREE! $650 $1,300 $2,200
Utilities (including EarthApps) ---
Logs & Sections ---
Borehole-Based Modeling --- ---
SQL Server, Automation, 3D Faulting --- --- ---
Network licenses available: ---


See also our FAQ page for information about choosing the correct feature level.

Prices above are starting prices for Commercial licenses; Academic discounts may be available. Visit the RockWorks pricing page for details.

Licensing options:

  • Single license: Commercial pricing, Basic, Standard, and Advanced.
  • Single license: Academic pricing, Standard and Advanced.
  • Annual license: Commercial pricing, Basic, Standard, and Advanced
  • Network license: Commercial pricing, Basic, Standard, and Advanced
  • Classroom license (Academic Single License and 10+ network seats), Standard and Advanced

RockWorks17 installs in Trial mode.  During the 2-week/50-session Trial period, users have access to all program features, through Advanced.  When the Trial expires, the program remains functional in Free mode, with access to the Viewers shown above.

Some of the most exciting new features in RockWorks17 include:


  • 64-bit processing
  • Multi-threading
  • Native SQL database support
  • Quick-Map tab for borehole locations
  • 3D faulting for surfaces as well as solids (Advanced)
  • Digitize XYZ coordinates from 2D profiles
  • Geobody filter for solid models
  • New database imports

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