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Features > EarthApps Flyovers 

EarthApps Flyovers

Read XY locations from the RockWorks datasheet or the clipboard, and create flyover tours in Google™ Earth.


Simple Flyovers

These flyovers follow a simple pathway and are quick to set up and create.


  • Create a simple forward-looking flyover along a defined path.
  • Create a simple center-looking flyover along a user-defined path.
  • Create a simple downward spiral from a single point in space.
  • Create a simple flyover of arced flight segments between pairs of location points.
  • Create a simple flyover between points, with pauses and display of site symbols, names, and clickable URLs.
Simple Flyover created with EarthApps. 

Advanced Flyovers

Create flyovers with a lot of user customization, based on information listed in the datasheet.


  • Create a flyover that's controlled by commands, locations, and flight times listed in the datasheet.
  • Create an advanced version of the downward spiral from space.
Flyover near an airport. 

Clipboard Flyovers

Create flyovers using coordinate information that you've copied from Google™ Earth - Easy!


  • Copy a single placemark in Google™ Earth and create a circular tour around that point.
  • Copy a pathwary in Google™ Earth and create a forward-looking tour along that path.
Creating Google™ Earth flyovers is as easy as copy and paste!  

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