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Features > Polygon Maps 

EarthApps Polygon Maps

Create a variety of polygon-style maps - simple polygons, claims, Public Land Survey section maps, and pre-defined country and US state maps.


Polygon Maps

Create a single polygon map from a single list of vertex coordinates or multiple-polygon map from multiple lists of polygon coordinates.

  • Plot single polygons, or
  • Easily create a polygon map containing multiple objects.
EarthApps Polygon Map 

Claim maps

Plot simple quadrilateral polygons based on 4 pairs of corner point coordinates.

  • Plot claim blocks using a preset color.
  • Plot claim blocks with a variety of display and filtering options.
EarthApps map displaying mineral claims. 

Lease Maps

Plot quadrilateral polygons based on Public Land Survey descriptions, using the RockWare Landbase.

  • Map the lease blocks using preset colors.
  • Create maps using a variety of display and filtering options.
EarthApps Lease Map 

Section Maps
Create detailed PLSS section maps with variable colors and boundaries.

  • Plot one or more township
  • Grids based on the RockWare Landbase
EarthApps PLSS section map 

Predefined Polygons

Create detailed polygon maps based on predefined state or country boundaries.

  • Reads a list of state or country names, and creates a map with the polygons extruded based on measured values.
  • Create a polygon map with a variety of color and elevation options.
Map displaying beer consumption by state. 

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