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Features > Line Maps 

EarthApps Line and Tube Maps

Read line and polyline coordinates, and display these in Google™ Earth as simple lines, tubes, pipelines, and parabolas.


Line Maps

Use the EarthApps to create maps showing 2D and 3D line segments.

  • Create simple line maps - line segments in a constant color and thickness, clamped to the ground.
  • Plot line segments in 3D.
  • Create detailed line maps, with a variety of display options.
RockWorks EarthApps: Simple Line Maps 

Tube Maps

Create maps that include 2D or 3D tubes with varying colors and thicknesses.

  • Create simple tube maps with fixed color and radius.
  • Create detailed tube maps with variable colors and radii.
RockWorks EarthApps: Tube Maps 

Polyline Maps

Plot one or more multi-segmented polylines in Google™ Earth.

  • Plot a single polyline, or
  • Combine data from multiple datasheets to create a composite diagram.
  • Easily extrude polylines to create 3D panels.
Polyline map showing a bike route up Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado 

Parabola Maps

Plot one or more 3D parabolic polylines in Google™ Earth.

  • Plot segmented 3D arrows, between two geographic locations
  • Plot continuous 3D parabolic lines between two points
  • Plot continuous 3D parabolic tubes between two locations
EarthApps Parabola Diagram 

Pipeline Maps

 Plot one or more polyline tubes in Google™ Earth.

  • Plot a single pipeline with a user-specified color and thickness, or
  • Easily combine data in multiple datasheets to plot a composite map.
Natural gas pipelines in Eastern Europe. 

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