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PetraSim - interactive model creation for advanced flow, transport and heat transfer models. A preprocessor and postprocessor for TOUGH2, T2VOC, TMVOC, TETRAD and TOUGHREACT
Features > Carbon Sequestration 

Carbon Sequestration

The ECO2N (TOUGH2 and TOUGHREACT) and ECO2M (TOUGH2) simulators supported by PetraSim are widely used to simulate subsurface CO2 sequestration in saline aquifers by modeling physical, residual , solubility and mineral trapping of injected CO2 in sub and super-critical conditions.


Use PetraSim to create radial or three dimensional TOUGH2 meshes representing cap rocks and reservoirs with heterogeneous properties. Import conceptual model layers using xyz ASCII file or using GRDECL files exported from Petrel or other modeling packages.

Assign material properties to each conceptual model layer, or assign cell-based Permeability and Porosity values to represent heterogeneous materials.


Create vertical or deviated injection wells using the interface or by importing an ASCII file containing data for multiple wells.

Graphically display changed in gas saturation and dissolved CO2 over time.

Use TOUGHREACT and PetraSim to model and visualization water-rock reactions, including changes in porosity caused by CO2 injection.

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