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LogPlot features

LogPlot offers a comprehensive set of borehole log software features including the Log Designer, Data Editor, and much more.

LogPlot 8 in Industry

View industry-specific features of LogPlot, and browse log samples for the environmental, geotechnical, oil and gas, and mining industries.

What Users Say
What do our clients say about the LogPlot boring log software?

LogPlot Licensing

Watch videos for step-by-step instructions for activating and removing a LogPlot8 license.

LogPlot - Archived Versions

Use these links to download an older installation program for the LogPlot program, should your maintenance have expired.

NOTE: You can install an older build right over the top of the newer one without uninstalling first. That way you won't lose any existing licensing.

(Visit the demo download page to download the current version.)

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