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EarthApps Point Maps

Quickly locate a single point in Google™ Earth, and create maps which illustrate X,Y locations with icon symbols, circles, cones, cylinders, strike and dip symbols

EarthApps Line Maps

Read line and polyline coordinates, and display these in Google™ Earth as simple lines, tubes, pipelines, and parabolas.

EarthApps Polygon Maps

Create a single polygon map from a single list of vertex coordinates or multiple-polygon map from multiple lists of polygon coordinates. 

EarthApps Image Maps

Create a variety of Google™ Earth displays with raster images - draped images, floating images, vertical images, and image legends. 

EarthApps Flyovers

Read XY locations from the RockWorks datasheet or the clipboard, and create flyover tours in Google™ Earth.

EarthApps Cell Maps

Create a grid representing your samples and display the cells as color-coded and/or extruded bars.

EarthApps Survey Maps

Read survey measurements and plot points or polygons in Google™ Earth

EarthApps Extraction Tools

Read location data that has been copied or saved in Google™ Earth, and list the coordinates in the EarthApps Datasheet. This provides an easy method for capturing coordinates from shapes drawn in Google™ Earth

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