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Feature Levels

RockWorks is offered with several program levels so that you can purchase just the features you need.  Each level contains the preceding ones.

RockWorks Advanced

RockWorks Advanced contains all of the tools in the RockWorks program, from the EarthApps through the batch/scripting tools and support of SQL Server databases. 

Borehole Manager

The Borehole Manager is a relational database used to store surface and subsurface information.  It is used to create striplogs, cross-section, contour maps, 3D block models and more.  Borehole Manager features are included in RockWorks Standard and Advanced

RockWorks Utilities

Contour maps, block models, stereonets, rose diagrams, Piper and Stiff diagrams, coordinate conversion, geosteering, and more.  RockWorks Utilities tools are included in RockWorks Basic, Standard, and Advanced


The EarthApps are a collection of tools which read spatial data from the RockWorks datasheet and create a variety of maps and flyovers for display in Google™ Earth. The EarthApps are available in RockWorks Basic.

Volumetrics and Pit Optimization

RockWorks offers both interactive viewing of volume computations of ore / material / contaminant, as well as detailed reports.

Graphic Output
RockWorks system requirements, imports/exports, and scripting.

Importing and Exporting

RockWorks offers an incredible array of options for importing and exporting data, graphics, grid models and solid models:

RockWorks Licensing

Watch videos for step-by-step instructions for activating and removing a RockWorks17 license.

RockWorks Revisions List

View a comprehensive list of new features that have been added to the RockWorks program and posted every few weeks since its original release.

What Users Say
What do our clients say about RockWorks?

RockWare Command Language (Level 5)

Almost all of the applications within RockWorks may be accessed, without displaying RockWorks menus, by placing special commands within an ASCII text file.  Note that it addition to running applications via an RCL script, it is also possible to display the RockWorks sub-menus.  

RockWorks - Archived Versions

Use these links to download an older installation program for RockWorks, should your maintenance have expired. Choose the version equal to or older than the month of the expiration date of your maintenance.

NOTE: You can install an older build right over the top of the newer one without uninstalling first. That way you won't lose any existing licensing.

(Visit the demo download page to download the current version.)

(Visit our user forum for information about the different releases.)

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