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Support > Case Studies 

  • Using a Digital Cone Penetrometer to Locate Clandestine Grave Sites
  • 3D Visualization of Seismic Activity Associated with the Nazca and South American Plate Subduction Zone
  • Three dimensional digital analysis of 2,500 square kilometers of gravity and magnetic survey data, Bellefontaine Outlier area, Ohio
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  • Modeling a Multi-Seam Coal Reserve Using RockWorks
  • Computing Aggregate Reserves for a Site with Two Isolated Carbonate Units
  • Volumetric Analysis & Three-Dimensional Visualization of Industrial Mineral Deposits
  • Sand and Gravel Case Study
  • Using RockWorks for Dredge Mining
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  • Modeling Pinch-Outs and Steep Topography in RockWorks
  • Editing a Stratigraphy Model Created with the Borehole Manager
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Gridding tools
  • Adjusting DEM Grids to Fit Measured Elevations
  • Creating a 3D Surface Diagram based on a 2D Contour Map & an Aerial Photograph
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  • Visualizing Leaking Tanks with Multiple Monitoring Wells
  • Modeling NAPLS in the Subsurface using RockWorks
  • Using RockWorks Grid Data in Visual MODFLOW
  • Slope Failure Case Study
  • Analysis of Cesium-137 Concentrations at the 200 Area of the Hanford Waste Site
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RockWorks and GIS
  • RockWorks Shapefile Exports - Options and Comparisons
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Color Modeling
  • Creating a Color Model from Outcrop Images
  • Creating a Color Model from GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Profile Images
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Scripting in RockWorks
  • RCL Scripting in RockWorks15 - A Tutorial
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Oil and Gas
  • 3D Geological Model of Onshore Lebanon
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