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Converts ArcView/ESRI shapefiles to AutoCAD DXF / DWG formats and KML.



Arcv2CAD: Convert ArcView shapefile (.shp) to AutoCAD dwg/dxf

Arcv2CAD converts all ESRI ArcGIS 2D/3D Shapefile (Multipatch, Polygon, Points, Lines) to AutoCAD DXF, DWG or KML.

  • Completely stand alone (does not require ArcGIS or AutoCAD).
  • Convert Text Labels, Legends, Table data, Elevation data, colors and layers from Shapefile to AutoCAD DXF, DWG or KML.
  • Convert multipatch and 2D/3D polygon to 3D objects in AutoCAD.
  • Batch Conversion.
  • Layer control determines layer names and selects entities on layers.
  • Select Shapefile feature attributes to convert to DWG, DXF or KML.

and more…

Arcv2CAD "Polygon Colors" selection dialog Click on image to enlarge

Arcv2CAD – convert to DXF and DWG!

Although Arcv2CAD gives you plenty of options, it's quick, easy to use, and will give you the results you want!

Arcv2CAD Named Point Markers

Apply names to markers, such that each name will correspond to a particular symbol.

New Features in Arcv2CAD

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