This is a maintenance release of PetraSim that provides bug fixes and improvements to the program.

Download the latest version of PetraSim from Rockware’s Product Updates page or by registering for a free trial.

New features/bug fixes in the 2022.1.0301 release include a number of small bug fixes, as well as enhanced support for TOUGH3 and TOUGHREACT v3.32.  Unlike the TOUGH2 and TOUGHREACT v1.2 simulators that are still packaged with PetraSim, TOUGH3 and  TOUGHREACT v3.32 and are not included and must be purchased through Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

New Features/Improvements

  • A new CSV Conversion tool has been created for display of TOUGHREACT V3.32 results. This allows users to select multiple TecPlot format output files and convert them to the mesh.csv and react.csv files visualized by PetraSim.
  • The names of output files for TOUGHREACT v3.32 simulations have been changed to have a .tec extensions. This indicates that they are written in a TecPlot format.
  • TOUGHREACT v3.32 time.out files are converted to foft.csv files for display as Cell History Plots.
  • The Cell Connection Plot option has been removed from the interface for TOUGHREACT v3.32 SIM files.
  • A new option to write a TOUGH3 MOMOP block to the input file has been added to the Analysis|Solution Controls menu.
  • The option to write a TOUGH3 INFILE has been added to the File menu.
  • Numerous improvements have been made to how the Cancel and Apply buttons work. These are global changes that have been made throughout the program.
  • Reminders have been added to the IRP and CRP windows for TMVOC and ECO2M TOUGH3 users. 3-phase curves can be included in the input file using the “custom” curve options.

Bug Fixes

  • The program no longer requires that the conn.csv file be present for result display.
  • Custom IRP values of 13 and up are now written correctly to ECO2M input files. This is especially useful for customers using TOUGH3, where new 3-phase IRP options are available.


  • HydrateResSim is no longer supported and removed from the New Model Dialog.
  • Help menu links to the Simulator Manuals and Online help now access the RockWare website.
  • Numerous references to TOUGHREACT v3.0 have been changed to TOUGHREACT v3.32.
  • Many of the PetraSim Example Problems and Tutorials have been updated on the RockWare website.