LogPlot in the Environmental and Geotechnical Industries

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LogPlot 8 is a commonly used boring log software tool for environmental and geotechnical applications.

LogPlot 8 allows you to create a large number of high quality boring logs in a fraction of the time it would take to use a CAD product or other boring log programs.

  • Use fill bars to show sample intervals and types, or the presence of NAPLs or other contaminants.
  • Show blow counts, contaminant concentrations, recovery, RQD, and other parameters as downhole bar graphs or text entities.
  • Use USCS and lithology patterns included with the program or create your own in-house patterns and symbols.
  • Include detailed notes in your Lithologic descriptions and in Header and Footer notes, with flexible text formatting.
  • LogPlot 8 offers detailed well construction diagrams which can illustrate single boring or multiple borings, along with captions and labels.
  • Display your logs at defined vertical scales, or fit them automatically to the page.
RockWare Software: LogPlot
A LogPlot boring log displaying environmental/geotechnical borehole data

New LogPlot 8 features for the environmental/geotechnical industry

  • The Project Manager
    • Manage your data, design and plot files
    • Display, open and compile any RockWorks SQLite boring log data, or easily save it to a LogPlot DAT file
    • Import RockWorks lithology and stratigraphy types directly from the SQLitedatabase
    • Compile multiple data files at once
  • The improved Excel import tool can import data for more than one boring log from a single XLS file
  • Well Construction columns now have automatic caption labels with lines or arrows
  • A new and improved format for Lithology data entry
  • An improved Log Designer interface
  • Support for Undo in the Log Design window