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100+ Hatch Library Windows Version

AutoCAD® Hatch patterns - 365 hatch patterns
for AutoCAD, ACA, AutoCAD LT and Autodesk® ADT

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Adaptive Groundwater Windows Version

New Technology for Smarter and Easier Groundwater Modeling 

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AqQA Windows Version

Software for water analyses: unit conversion, anion-cation balance, sample mixing, detect exceedances, calculate basic fluid properties (TDS, hardness, conductivity etc.), water chemistry diagrams (Piper, Stiff, Ternary, Durov and more).

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AQTESOLV Windows Version

Pumping Test, Slug Test & Single-Well Test Analysis

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AquiferWin32 Windows Version

Aquifer test results display and analysis

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ArcGIS 10.x Desktop Windows Version

The world's most popular desktop mapping and GIS software

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ArcGIS 3D Analyst Windows Version

An ArcGIS Extension: 3D visualization and analysis

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ArcGIS Data Interoperability Windows Version

An ArcGIS Extension: Eliminate barriers to data use and distribution.

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ArcGIS Data Reviewer Windows Version

An ArcGIS Extension: Automate, simplify, and improve data quality control management.

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ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst Windows Version

An ArcGIS Extension: Use advanced statistical tools to investigate your data.

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ArcGIS Network Analyst Windows Version

An ArcGIS Extension: Perform sophisticated routing, closest facility, and service area analysis.

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ArcGIS Publisher Windows Version

An ArcGIS Extension: map and data publisher for ArcGIS

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ArcGIS Schematics Windows Version

An ArcGIS Extension: Represent and understand your networks to shorten decision cycles.

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ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Windows Version

An ArcGIS Extension: spatial modeling and analysis tools

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ArcGIS Tracking Analyst Windows Version

An ArcGIS Extension: Reveal and analyze time-based patterns and trends in your data.

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ArcGIS Workflow Manager Windows Version

***Requires ArcGIS for Desktop Standard or Advanced***

An ArcGIS Extension: Better manage GIS tasks and resources.

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ArcPad 10 Windows Version
Mobile GIS software for field mapping applications
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Arcv2CAD Windows Version
ArcView shapefile to AutoCAD dwg/dxf converter $189.00
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ARES Commander Windows VersionMacintosh Version

Professional CAD – extra 3D modeling and fully programmable

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CAD Viewer, CAD Markup, SymbolCAD, and QA-CAD Windows Version

View and print all AutoCAD DXF and DWG drawings up to AutoCAD 2015

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CAD2Shape Windows Version

A dwg and dxf converter that converts DWG/DXF files to ESRI SHP (shapefile).

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ChemPoint and ChemPoint Professional Windows Version

Complete data management and reporting solution for air, soil, surface water, ground water, ash, sludge, and bio-tissue analysis data.

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ChemStat Windows Version

Environmental Statistical Analysis Software Solution for Windows

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DeltaGraph Windows VersionMacintosh Version

Graphs, plots and charts that stand the test of time- available for Windows and MacIntosh

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Didger Windows Version

All the advanced digitizing features you need in a low-cost, unbelievably versatile program

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Encom Discover PA 2015 Windows Version

Integrate, analyze and visualize geophysics, geochemistry
and geology data from various sources.

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Encom QuickMag Pro Windows Version

Expert Magnetic Modeling System

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EQuIS Windows Version

Environmental Data Management

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Grapher Windows Version

Efficient and powerful graphing software for your most complex graphing needs

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Groundwater Vistas Windows Version
Graphical User Interface for Groundwater Flow & Contaminant Transport Modeling $1,450.00
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GS+ Windows Version

Geostatistics software for the environmental and geosciences

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Igpet Windows Version

Igneous petrology plotting software

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LogPlot Windows Version

LogPlot 8 - borehole log plotting software for the civil, environmental, mining and petroleum geoscientist

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MapInfo Discover Windows Version

The desktop Geographical Information System (GIS) designed especially for the geosciences, providing the tools to effectively compile, visualise, analyse and map spatial geoscience data

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MapInfo Professional Windows Version

MapInfo Professional is a powerful Microsoft® Windows®-based mapping and geographic analysis application from the experts in location intelligence.

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Oriana Windows Version

Circular data statistics software

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PetraSim Windows Version

Interactive model creation for advanced flow, transport and heat transfer models. A preprocessor and postprocessor for TOUGH2, T2VOC, TMVOC, TOUGHREACT, TOUGH-FX/HYDRATE and TOUGH-MP.

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pLog Tablet Windows Version

Tablet-based field data collection software- with a LogPlot interface

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QuickSurf Windows Version

Fast and powerful gridding and contouring for AutoCAD (any version)

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RockPack III Windows Version
Rock slope stability analysis $875.00
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RockWare GIS Link 17 Windows Version

RockWorks cross-section generation for ArcGIS

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RockWorks Windows Version

RockWorks17 is your geology toolbox- boring logs, cross-sections, fence diagrams, 3D models, EarthApps, and much more. Single licenses from $1,500 to $5,000.

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SiteMaster Building (CE) Windows Version

The mobile solution for building surveys

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SiteMaster BuildingLT Windows Version
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SiteMaster BuildingTS Windows Version

Connect SiteMaster Building to a Totalstation

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SiteMaster Elevation Windows Version

Photogrammetric Facade Survey

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SiteMaster Facade Windows Version

Facade Survey with Totalstation

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SiteMaster Office Windows Version

Floor plan editing back in the office

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SiteMaster TopoSurvey Windows Version

Land Survey with Totalstation

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StereoStat v.1.6 Windows Version

Stereonet and rose diagram software

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Surfer Windows Version

A powerful contouring, gridding, and surface mapping package for scientists and engineers

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Understanding Contouring (book) Windows Version

A comprehensive reference book for contouring and variogram modeling, the basis of geostatistics

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WellCAD Windows Version

Comprehensive well log data management, analysis and visualization.

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