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Multi-interval data entry tab problem

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I've just started using this program and I'm having trouble with the Multi-Interval data entry tab. After I set the column headings, save the data entry form, and close it, the column headings reset themselves to different headings when I reopen the form. The data I entered in the columns is still there and in the same order, only the headings change. So, every time I open a data entry form that I have already completed and want to compile a log, I have to reset the column headings in the Multi-Interval data entry tab (very annoying). I've tried it multiple times; every time it does the same thing. It seems like a glitch or something and I've updated to the most current version.

Anyone else have this problem or know if I'm doing something wrong?


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I just tried to reproduce this myself and didn't have any luck. This is probably going to be easier to troubleshoot on the phone. Would you mind giving our teach support department a call?



Alison Alcott

RockWare, Inc.

[email protected]

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