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LogPlot Slow Start Up


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A customer writes:

"On my laptop I start LogPlot7 and the help screens appear, but it takes about 10 minutes for the LogPlot program to display. This happens every time I start LogPlot.

What is wrong?"

TomB> There are several possible reasons for a slow start for LogPlot:

- The first time that LogPlot runs, it copies several files to the Documents folder. There is a known problem with early versions of Vista causing slow copying of the files. Upgrade Vista to SP1 to resolve the problem.

- Some antivirus software will check programs before allowing them to run. Disconnect from the Internet and turn off your antivirus software prior to running LogPlot to see if that is the cause.

- LogPlot automatically checks for newer versions on the Internet when it is run. If there are problems connecting to the Internet, it could slow things down. Turn off this option in LogPlot Options | System Settings menu.

If these procedures do not resolve the problem, please report the results of each of these procedures and include the following information:

- Windows version and SP.

- List of all running applications in Task Manager.

- List of all running processes in Task Manager.

Tom B


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