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How to add Mottramite to dadaset?

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I need help about how to add the mineral mottramite (PbCu(VO4)(OH)) to the GWB dataset.



For thermo.dat, assuming that you can fill in the 'x' values for molecular volume, weight and log K constants at the 8 temperature intervals, the following should work:

Mottramite type=

formula= PbCu(VO4)(OH)

mole vol.= xx.xxx cc mole wt.= xxx.xxxx g

5 species in reaction

1.000 H2O 1.000 Cu++ 1.000 Pb++

1.000 VO4--- -1.000 H+

x.xxxx x.xxxx x.xxxx x.xxxx

x.xxxx x.xxxx x.xxxx x.xxxx

To keep with the formatting of the database, I recommend copying and pasting another mineral entry in as a block, and editing this block. Be sure to increment the "Minerals" counter by one. For more information refer to the "Thermo Datasets" Appendix at the end of the v7 GWB Reference Manual.

Hope that helps,

Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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