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Importing menu settings from another user

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You can use the Tools / Export Menu Settings and Import Menu Settings options not only to save/reload your own program settings but also to share settings between users.

If you opt for sharing, there's one (well, two) small snags: The "menusettings.ini" file (in "My Documents\RockWorks14\System") is the aptly-named file that stores all of the RockWorks menu settings, and is the source of the Export- and destination of the Import-Menu-Settings procedures. This file is full of file and folder paths, and most of them will be reset either on program start (such as the default project folder name) or any time you click on a file name prompt in the program (almost all others). The exception concerns two of the program libraries: symbols and patterns.

The [TABLES] section of the menusettings file lists the default libraries to use, and if the symbol and pattern libraries cannot be found, an error will be displayed. The most immediate problem is the Symbol library, which the borehole database uses to draw the Location tab symbols. Also problematic is the Pattern library, linked to from within the Lithology and Stratigraphy Types tables and others.

The best thing to do (at minimum) is to edit these two items in the exported menu settings file before importing it into your copy of the program. Look for these entries in the [TABLES] group of the exported menu settings file and edit them to be valid paths on your computer. Here's what my entries look like:



I think those are the only two essential ones… the other miscellaneous tables (color tables, etc.) can be redefined (opened manually) in the program itself. I was able to modify those two lines to point to a valid location on my computer, and I was able to import another user's menu settings file with no problems.


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