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Map of the botehole location

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Dear Sirs,

I have introduced a lot of borehole stratigraphy in the borehole manager. From the Map menù I have ask to cnstruct the borehole location map, but the message "CAN'T ALLOCATE THE DIB HANDLE" appears.

What does it mean?

Best regards


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Hi Giancarlo,

Are you adding a bitmap to the borehole locations map? The DIB refers to a "Device Independent Bitmap", and other occurrences of this message have occurred when users are working with bitmaps, such as loading a log in TIF file format or printing a bitmap.

Do you get a bug report when the message is displayed? If so, please send it to me. In addition, you are welcome to ZIP the project folder and send me the ZIP file (max 10 MB). Larger files may be uploaded to the RockWare FTP site. With your files, I can duplicate the steps your perform to see if I can duplicate the problem. Include a complete description of the steps that you perform.


If you are not getting a bug report, please state the version of RockWorks and Windows that you are using.


Tom B

[email protected]

Note: Changed upload link

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