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Adjusting Contour Line Label Spacing, Size

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When you are building a line contour map, and you want some/all of the contour lines to include value labels, be sure that the Contour Lines / Label Contours check-box is checked.

Which lines will be labeled will depend on the contouring and labeling interval you select. Under Contour Lines / Intervals / Regular, you can insert a check in the Confirm Intervals if you want to see/override the program's automatic contouring and labeleing intervals. If you're using a Custom Contour Line Table, you can define there which contours will be labeled, and with what text.

The size of the labels themselves is controlled by the Contour Lines / Label Contours / Font Size setting. The default size is 1.5; enter a smaller value for smaller labels, or a larger value for larger labels.

The frequency of the labels along the line is controlled by the Contour Lines / Label Contours / Spacing setting. The default setting is 25; enter a smaller value for more labels or a larger value for fewer.

If you aren't seeing any labels at all, you can try decreasing the label size and/or label spacing. Sadly, if the contour is just too bendy or small, the program may not be able to fit a label onto the line.

However, if it looks like the line(s) SHOULD be label-able, it could be that the source grid model is so dense that the resulting contour line segments are too "squiggly" to place labels, as noted if you zoom in RockPlot2D. An easy solution for this is to increase the Contour Lines / Smoothing setting by a few jumps (e.g. 0 to 3 or 2 to 5). Be cautioned that this may move your contour lines.

Finally, you can use the triangle-shaped Edit tool in RockPlot2D to click on the contour line, and adjust the smoothing, label size, and label spacing there to force labels to appear. (You can also fiddle with the line style, color, etc.)

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