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Easy enabling/disabling of borehole groups

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RockWorks2004's Borehole Manager relies on the check-box next to each borehole to know whether it is "active", meaning it is to be included in maps, models, project dimension-scanning, etc. If you are working with a large number of boreholes and want to divide up the project into quadrants, for example, it can be cumbersome to click individual boreholes on and off.

An easier method is to use the File / Transfer / Locations / Borehole Files -> Utilities Datagrid to see a full listing of all of the borehole locations in the flat datasheet of the Geological Utilities window. The third column of this view contains a "Y" if the borehole is active, and an "N" if it is not. You can save different versions of this file (File / Save As) with different boreholes flagged on and off. For example, the file with only the southwest boreholes active ("Y") and all others not (flagged "N") might be saved as "sw_bh_active.atd". By opening the appropriate ATD file into the Geological Utilities datasheet, and then transferring the locations back to the Borehole Manager (File / Transfer / Locations / Utilities Datagrid -> Borehole Files) the file status of each borehole will be updated.

After you activate a different quadrant group of boreholes, then be sure to go to the Project Dimensions screen and update the dimensions based on the Enabled Boreholes (click that button) or type in the dimensions by hand.

It's important to note that the Transfer option does a full replace of the location information. It does not do any merging of location information. If you've made changes to any of the borehole location records that aren't reflected in the ATD file, you'll lose them. Other data, such as stratigraphy, etc, will not be affected.

Note also that there are row sorting tools in the Geological Utilities window (right-click/Rows/Sort) that can make it easier to list boreholes in a certain order.

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