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Lost Boreholes

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I've just started using RockWorks and have not encountered any real problems until I try to open a project that a coworker has saved in a shared folder. When we try to open the project all the borehole data is gone. We have grids, we have 2D diagrams, but the boreholes themselves are gone. We work 4 hours drive time apart, and would like to be able to share projects, however cannot do so if our data is missing. Is there something about saving projects that we might be missing?

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Sorry for the delay in responding to your posting.

The first thing to check is that the name of the borehole database (MDB) is the same as the folder in which it resides. When you browse to a project folder in RockWorks, and the program finds an MDB file of the same name, then it knows its a RockWorks project and loads it up. So, for example, if your project folder name is "Project-A" then the database must also be named "Project-A.mdb".

If the file names match, you should also be sure that, when opening a project folder in RockWorks, you are not browsing too deep and selecting the "system" folder inside of the project folder. The MDB does not reside in the "system" folder; instead this is where the data dictionaries for the project are stored.

If you have Microsoft Access on your computer, you can always open your RockWorks database using that application, to see if there's any data inside.

If you are sure that the MDB & project folder names match AND you're sure that you're in the right project folder, feel free to zip your entire project folder and email it to me directly so that I can take a look and offer suggestions. Bottom line, you should be able to share projects with your co-worker, so we just need to find out why it looks like it's empty.



[email protected]

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