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Backing out the settings on an I data model

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I've been creating a lot of I-data models for one data set. Each model has been tweaked just a little but now I can't remember all the settings I had on the initial models. I still have the .mod files for the earlier versions. Is there some way to view the settings used to create the .mod files, is there a .txt file somewhere?


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Guest Nicole Cordier

There is a way to save the settings from the Model Options window for each model you create. When you go to I-data | Model | in the Options window then go to File | Save, and you will then be prompted to save the settings as an RCL file (RockWare Command Language). If you want at a later date to resurrect a particular setting, you can load the settings into the I-data | Model options window by going to File | Load.


Nicole Cordier

RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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