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How do I transfer my LogPlot license to another computer?

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(Applies to Single User and Single-Computer/Multi-User licenses)

On the original computer, run the LogPlot Licensing program (in the Windows Start / Programs / RockWare group), clicking through the license agreement and then choosing Remove from the options. When you click Continue you'll be prompted to confirm this operation. When you click Yes, you'll see a License Removal Status Code - write this down; it is proof that you removed the licensing from the machine. You can later uninstall the software itself (via Windows Add/Remove Programs) at your convenience - after you've retrieved all of your necessary data and system files, etc.

Then install LogPlot onto the new computer per the Quick-Start instructions (http://www.rockware.com/product/documentation.php?id=176). When you request your new unlocking code (http://www.rockware.com/support/unlock.php) be sure to supply the License Removal Status Code in the prompt at the bottom of the page.

This information is also available in the LogPlot help messages, in the Changing Licensing section.

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