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3D Fracture Discs in RockPlot3D

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There is a known issue in the last posted version of RockWorks2006 (2008.3.28) with the display of fracture discs in 3D logs. In this build, the actual orientation of the discs as recorded in the database and as sent to RP3D is ignored, and the 3D discs are all displayed as pointing in the same direction.

The problem has been fixed in the stand-alone installation program for RockPlot3d2006. Users should follow these steps:

1. Close RockWorks2006 if it's running.

2. Access the main RockWare web site: www.rockware.com

3. Click on the Downloads menu and choose Product Updates.

4. Look for the item labeled: RockWorks2006 RockPlot3D Viewer

5. Click the small Download button below this item, and save the installation file to your computer's Desktop.

6. When the download is complete, run this installation program.

This will install a new RockPlot3D2006 into the proper folders and with proper file names. Users can recreate new 3D fracture logs or open already-saved R3DXML views of 3D fracture logs, and the discs will display properly.


RockWare Inc.

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