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Hello all,

I have created a solid model from a Point Dataset. After creating it, I am able to look at different iso-surfaces. I would like to create a morph video of these different iso-surface images (an image flow from minimum to maximum iso-surface values), but cannot figure it out.

From what I have read, I need to create a "start" solid model, and an "end" solid model - then RockWorks will be able to "connect the dots". However, I do not know how to create these different solid models. After creating a solid model of my P-data, I adjust the iso-surface to the settings I want, and save. However, the saved file is in .r3dxml format, and not a .mod format.

In order to use the Solid/Morph tool, the files must be in .mod format.

All help is greatly appreciated!


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Hi David,

the Solid Model Morphing is only meant to morph between 2 or more models. You might use this to show the growth of a plume over time.

At this time we don't have a tool to create an AVI of changes in the Isosurface model but there is an option that lets you create additional Iso-Surfaces off the same model. Right Click on the Isosurface node in the Tree Scene and select "Add X Isosurface". Thsi will create a sub node in the Scene that will create another Isosurface with a different value. You can add as many of these additional isosurfaces as you want. You can then hide and them using their checkbox.


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