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Fault plotting in QuickSurf DX


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I am doing my MSC in Geophysics and am currently doing my thesis on 2D seismic interpretation. For that purpose, i have to create Time, velocity and Depth contour maps. I have worked quite extensively on SURFER 8 but the contour maps it generated for my data were not to my satisfaction so I am trying out QuickSurf DX software.

Let me first tell you about the area iam working in, the area is heavely faulted (normal faults) with major faults having numerous splays and those splays having other splays, so it is quite a mess.

Now i read QuickSurf help files but couldn't find an appropiate answer so I wanted to ask, how to inject faults in my contour maps. What Surfer 8 did was that you had to create a blanking file. When in 2d it is called a fault trace and when in 3D a breakline. Now in my case they are faults and not breaklines. Now how does Quicksurf DX software use fault traces. Is there a way to create them or import it.

All my data is in Excel sheet format and faults are in format of Surfer blanking file (.bln). Can i use that file on your software or not. If not how do i create it.

Please reply soon

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