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Creating surface grid from ArcGIS

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I have a database from ArcGIS that contains the elevation contours of an area. It was created by importing the XYZ values and setting a 20 meters interval for the contouring. I have imported the dbf file in the Utilities and the data are set in two columns,one with ID header and one with Contour header. How can I create the surface grid in Rockworks from the imported dbf file? From ArcGIS apart from the dbf file there are two shape files and a .prj file exported.

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A Shape file is made up of 3 separate files with the same name but separate extensions.

SHP: This file contains the actual graphics and can either be made up of points, lines or polygone. It can be imported directly into RockPlot2D and will contain the contour lines of your surface.

DBF: This file contains the data associated to the graphics in your SHP file. Sometimes it will have XY data along with other attributes but often it won't. It can be imported into the RockWorks Utilities spreadsheet but if it doesn't have the XY points it won't be much help.

SHX: This file is an index file to the SHP and SHX files.

The problem here is that your XY data is seperate from your surface elevations so you won't be able to recreate the surface. Secondly grid surfaces created from contour line points are surprisingly poor in quality.

If you have the original grid from ArcGIS you can export it as an ASCII Grid and then import it directly to a RockWorks grid. We also have imports for Surfer, Bitmap, ASCII, DEM and GeoSoft grid formats.

If this doesn't answer your question it may help to send the files to us (support@rockware.com) and we'll see if we can work can come up with a way to do this.


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