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Outcrop to Borehole Correlation

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I am in need of someone to describe the process by which outcrop data can be entered along with borehole data. I also need to be able to correlate between beds in outcrop and beds in subsurface. Help on this matter would be much appreciated.

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The are several ways that you can enter outcrop data;

If you're dealing with vertical faces (e.g. cliffs, mine faces, etc) you just pick a point at the ground surface and measure down from there, essentially pretending that it's a vertical borehole. Conversely, you can measure from the ground up if you set the borehole orientation to +90 degrees (i.e. straight up).

If you're dealing with spotty outcrops with low relief, you could enter that data as numerous small drill-holes.

If you've got continuous outcrops, consider a ground traverse as a deviated, semi-horizontal borehole. For example, if you walk in a straight line, due east, that part of the borehole has an inclination of zero degrees and an azimuth of 90. The depths represent the distance from your traverse starting point. I've also used this technique to model mine drifts as pseudo-boreholes.

Finally, if you've got a geological map, you can always "drape" it over a topographic surface and then render it as semi-transparent. But ... this data will not be included within the actual modeling process, whereas the previous three methods will be included within the modeling.

Jim Reed.

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