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LogPlot + LogView 7 - July 2nd, 2008

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Images in a log can now be clipped vertically. A calibration dialog has been added to allow visually picking the top and base of the clipped image. The calibration dialog will come up when double clicking on the Bitmap column in the editor. The "Header Base" and "Footer Top" columns are optional and specified in pixels.

LogPlot can now open RockWorks14 Time and I-Text data from the database. Bitmap Footer Top and Header Base clipping values are also brought in from the database.

Vertical Text columns with no outline now plot the line to the full extent of the interval.

Opening compiled logs (.LPT) that have Read Only priviledges now warns the user and allows them to copy the file to another location.

LogPlot now uses ReportWorks14 instead of ReportWorks2006.

The error message file has been moved to the Help folder to be consistent with other RockWare products.

A new installation program has been created for a better installation experience.

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