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About Fracture(Help)

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1.The rockware 2004 manual say :

Radius and Aperture can influence the model creating

I want to konw how the program to compute the model and fence data?

what part does Radius and Aperture play ?

Can someone provide the particular process about the calculate method ?

2.I used the same data to dram Fence and model picture

but found some difference between them for same section. Mostly about the

fracture infulencing distance.


Thank you for help !

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RockWorks uses discs to model fractures. The radius of these discs define the extents of the fracture (i.e. how far they extend along the fracture plane).

The nodes within a fracture model represent the closest distance to any portion of a fracture "disc".

The aperture of the fracture refers to the width of a fracture. Any nodes that fall within this region will be assigned a value of zero. The basic idea is to show the possible passageways for fluids (e.g. water, hydrocarbons and hydrothermals).

Color differences between fracture fence diagrams and solid models are probably due to differences within the color-assignment table. If you'd like to send an example or each, I can investigate it in more detail and come up with a more definitive answer.

Best regards,

Jim Reed.

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