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Creating karst feature (caves) and clipping to stratigraphy 3D model

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I'm new to rockworks so this may be a simple query. I would like to incorporate a karst feature (approx 100m+ deep submerged cave system) into a stratigraphy 3D model I have produced. Divers have retrieved data in the form of XYZ (Easting, Northing, depth), and some would be guess work and extrapolation of available data.

1. Is it possible to create the 3D karst feature within rockworks? and how do I go about it? (I'm not that hung-up on it being incredibly accurate, just so that it provides an indication of depth and intersecting stratigraphy..)

2. Can I then clip this to the stratigraphy model?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Hi Claire,

If this particular karst feature does not repeat in the Z (depth) direction at any given XY location, we can treat it as a separate stratigraphic unit in RockWorks.

If it does repeat, it can be treated as a separate lithologic unit and modeled with a lithology model in RockWorks.

You are welcome to send me a ZIP file with your data and I will take a look.

Tom Bresnahan

[email protected]

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