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Excel Template for Borehole Manager

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Okay, so i'm using rockworks 2004 to mkae 3d models of well data i already have organized into an access database. I read in the product manual that boreholes can be mapped off an excel file as long as it is formatted to the exact specifications of the program, but the link provided to the website with the needed template is dead. Can anyone provide me with the necesarry info? Heres an exact example of what my columns look like:


SWN: 08N07W19E02

LAT_DD: 34.7728

LONG_DD: -117:66508

DEM_ELEV: 3042


TO_FT: 17



22332 08N07W19E02 34.7728 -117.66508 3042 5 17 boulders OS

Where each unit in caps is the column heading and units after ":" are the values in the columns, units are in feet, latitude/longitude information based off of NAD83 coordinate system. Please help me out with this anybody who knows rockworks. I've never used it prior to today and my bachelor's thesis is highly dependent on constructing three dimensional models of sub-surface layers. Thanks!!!

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The easiest way to generate a template for the required format for the Excel import is to load the RockWorks2004 Samples project and export that project to Excel. The process of exporting a project to Excel creates a file that is of the same format as that required for importing. You can follow these steps:

1. In the Borehole Manager, choose File / Project Folder.

2. Browse to the RockWorks2004 sample project folder, in "My Documents\RockWorks2004\Samples".

3. Choose File / Export / From Borehole Manager / Excel.

4. Choose All, and leave Include XYZ Computations turned off.

The resulting file should be loaded into Excel. You'll see the suite of available worksheets which correspond to the RockWorks datasheets. By replacing this sample data with your own, and saving it under a new name in your project folder, you can import the data into RockWorks. There should also be documentation about the required format and the import operations under Help / Contents, click the Index tab, type in Excel, and pick Importing.

FYI: Rockworks14 utilizes an Access database for storage of borehole data, rather than the ASCII "BH" files of RockWorks2004. That might make it easier to map your data into our program. You can visit our web page for upgrade pricing.

If you have data-specific questions, please email me directly with a sample file: [email protected]


RockWare, Inc.

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