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Having problems making a thermo dataset

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[admin notice: the below is from the former GWB users group email distribution list. This message was originally posted 11/27/2006]


> Hello,


> I am using GWB 6.0.4 with Windows XP. I am working

> with REACT. The

> database I am working with is(thermo_phrqpitz.dat).

> I wish to modify the

> database by adding species, minerals, and virial

> coefficients for

> phosphate speciation in a calcium cloride brine.

> The ionic strength of

> the brine warrants the use of the virial

> coefficients and the HMW

> method. I have found literature with the virial

> coefficients calculated

> for the Ca++ - K+ - PO4--- - Cl- - H2O system. I

> have tried adding

> components one at a time, and then telling REACT to

> use the database

> after each addition, to narrow down any changes I

> might need to make. I

> havn't gotten that far. So far, I've added (P) as

> an element, and when I

> add HPO4-- as a basis species, save, then try to

> open it in React, it

> displays an error: "corrupted or incomplete file"

> and the last line read

> is line 94, at the 3 elements that make up the

> HPO4--. I was also sure

> to chan ge the number of basis species and elements

> at the beginning of

> the sections.


> I have attached the database with the changes I have

> made thus far. The

> only changes are (P) in elements, and HPO4-- in

> basis species. Also,

> REACT wants to shut down after I attempt this. It

> says that it needs to

> end with a message with a red circle and white X in

> it. So I can't

> attach the code that REACT last used when I tried to

> upload the

> database. I can tell you that I went to File\Thermo

> Data...., then

> entered my database (mysmallsystem_phrqpitz).


> Thank You


> Nathan Carse


> Louisiana State University


Hi Nathan,

Where the elements are defined in the dataset, the apps are looking for a two-character symbol for each.

If you change "(P)" to "(P )", I think you'll be back in business.

Hope this helps,


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