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Guest Tofer Lewis

How to drape a contour map in RockPlot 3D?

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Answer: Step 1: Creating a 2-D contour map

In the Geological Utilities, go to Map > Grid-Based Map. Make sure the your input columns are specified correctly, and choose to make a new grid. Make sure that the grid name is a unique name that corresponds to the data that you have chosen in you Z column.

Choose to Create Grid Diagram, and choose the 2-Dimensional option. Turn on the Colored Intervals and turn everything else off. Under your Colored Interval Options, make sure that Cold à Hot is chosen and turn the Color Legend off.

In the RockPlot window, go to File > Export > BMP. Say OK at the BMP options window and save it as something that corresponds to the grid that you named above (like July Chemistry bmp.bmp).

Step 2: Draping the image over a surface

Once you have created the .bmp file, you can drape it over a surface in 3-D. First, you need to decide what surface you want the image draped over. Some suggestions are your water level grid or the top of your Bedrock. You can create both of these in the Borehole Manger. Your water level grid would be called something like 7_19_2002_top.grd. The top of your Bedrock would be called BedRock_Top.grd.

In the Geological Utilities, go to OpenGL > Images > Drape. For the image, specify the .bmp image that you just exported from RockPlot. For the surface, specify the .grd file that you want to drape your contour map over.

Save this image in the 3-D viewer so that you can pull it up later. Go to File > Save and name is something that corresponds to the date and chemicals you are showing (like we’ve done with the .grd file and the .bmp file that we created earlier).

Step 3: Appending the draped images to other images

Finally, you can append this image on to other images in RockPlot 3D. While your image is still open, go to File > Append > Select. Choose the boring log.r3d image, or any other image that you would like to view your contours with.

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