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I am using RockWorks 2004 to do some basic stratigraphic sections. We have three layers and one layer pinches out towards the middle of the study area.

My problem is this ... although some of my cross-sections I made turned out well, some of the other cross-sections are not being modeled correctly by the program (due likely to sudden changes in geology throughout the section). When the stratigraphic section is created the modeled layers do not match the stratigraphy shown for the well locations. For example the actual contact is 200 ft lower than depicted by the model in one well.

I also found the contact picker utility and when I ran that for the same wells using the exact same information the stratigraphy looked GREAT! But that particular utility did not seem to give me a way to save the resulting plot.

How does contact picker model the data? Is there some way I can modify my modeling method in the setup for the stratigraphic section utility which would give me the same great results that contact picker gives me?

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The first thing to check is that the order of the formations is correctly defined in the Stratigraphy Table, and that the units are listed in that same order in the wells. (The order is based on the "G-value" that you list for the unit in the Stratigraphy Table, with the uppermost unit set to "1", the next one down a "2" etc.) During interpolation of the stratigraphic surfaces, the program relies heavily on that defined order when building the surfaces. Note that most of the Stratigraphy menu options involve interpolation or modeling of these surfaces to build the model, profile, section, etc.

The stratigraphy picker does not model the data - it simply connects the units with straight lines. This is much like the non-model-based option: Stratigraphy / Section / Straight. Both of these tools simply draw lines connecting like units in neighboring drillholes.

If you have pinchouts in the project, you should list missing formations with zero thickness in the wells - this gives the program the information of where the formation "should be" and where to pinch it out. You can refer to the Help messages for more information.

Feel free to zip and email us your project folder if you need data-specific suggestions.


RockWare Inc

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