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Invalid class string error

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If you are using the RockWare GIS Link 2 program with RockWorks2006, and you see an error:

-- Invalid class string, ProgID: "RW2006.RW_RCL" - Unable to start RockWorks 2006 --

then it's possible that the RockWorks program is not properly registered as a COM server. This can be because you are using an older version or because you need to register it manually.

I. First, you should be sure to update to the most recent build of RockWorks2006 which will work properly with the RockWorks GIS Link 2 program. You can download the last posted version from this web page: www.rockware.com/downloads/productUpdates.php.

II. If, after installing this build, you are still seeing the error message, it means that RockWorks isn’t registered as a COM server. You can manually register RW2006 by following these steps:

1. Open a DOS Window.

2. Navigate to the RockWorks program directory. Example: cd Program Files\RockWare\RockWorks2006

3. Enter: RW2006.EXE /Regserver

At this point you should get a message that you have successfully registered (unless you are using an older version of RW2006).


RockWare Inc

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