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Guest Nicole Cordier

Clipping solid model in RW2006

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Guest Nicole Cordier

When you go to generate your solid models, you can clip the model to the top and base elevations of your boreholes. Say you want to create a Pdata model, you would go to Pdata | Model | expand Create New Model | under Model Constraints you can check on both Upper and Lower Surface (Grid) Filter | expand each of these and browse for the grid files representing the upper and lower elevations of your boreholes.

The Upper grid can be obtained by going to Map | Borehole Locations | expand Surface Contours and create a name for the surface grid that is to be created. This will automatically be stored in your Project Folder. The Lower grid is a bit trickier…

In the Borehole Manager to File -> Transfer -> Locations to Utilities Datagrid. From here you will be transported to the Utilities section of the program. The way to create a grid representing elevations for the bottom of you boreholes is to subtract the Total Depth of each borehole from the Elevation (surface). There is an easy way to do this function in the Utilities section of RockWorks2006.

First, create a new column in your spreadsheet after Total Depth, and you can do this by right clicking on an empty cell within the spreadsheet, selecting Columns -> Insert -> and you can select whichever place you would like to have the new column inserted. Right click on the title of this new column and rename the column to whatever you choose that will represent the bottom elevation of your boreholes.

From there, right-click on an empty cell, select Columns -> Math -> Column and Column Math. This will bring about a Column Math Options window. You will want to select Elevation for Column A from the drop down menu, Total Depth for Column B, and your new column name for Column C. Under Operation, select Subtract Column B from Column A, and you should see the new column populated with this new data.

Next, go to Map -> Grid-Based Map. Your input columns will be X as Easting, Y as Northing, and Z as the new column that was just created. The Datasource will be Datasheet, and you will want to select Create New Grid, expand this, and specify a name for this grid. Under Create Grid Diagram, choose 2 dimensional, and whatever other options you would like. This will bring about a RockPlot 2D window showing the elevations at the bottom depth of your boreholes.

So now when creating the Pdata model, under Model Constraints | Lower Surface (Grid) Filter, browse for the filter just created in the Utilities.

Nicole Cordier

RockWare Inc

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