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I'm relatively new to Rockworks, but haven't had any problems until now. (I have Rockworks 2006). When doing a lithology model or even fence, sections, or profiles, the colors that are appearing in the model area is not matching the background color of the logs. I've double checked my lithology information and even changed the rock type, but still the color is taking the color of another rock type.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a couple of suggestions:

1. Make sure that you have a unique "G Value" assigned to each material type in your Lithology Types Table. One way to view your Lithology Types table is to click on the Tables link on the left side of the screen, and then on the Lithology Types table listed under Borehole Manager tables (at the top of the screen). Each lithology type MUST have a unique number. The program uses the G-Value to represent different material types in the lithology MOD file, and also uses it as a reference when determining which color to plot for each lithology type. If two lithology types have the same G-value, but different colors, the program will not plot the colors correctly.

2. You should check your model spacing in the Z direction, and make sure that it is small enough to pick up thinner layers in your model. You can find this setting in your Project Dimensions, listed at the top of the screen when you are in the Borehole Manager. You should look at what you have entered for the Z (Elevation) spacing cell. The spacing should be 1/2 the thickness or smaller than the thinnest lithology layer that you want to preserve in your model. So, if you have a clay layer that is 1 ft. thick that you want to show in diagrams, the Z-spacing should be 0.5 feet.

If neither of these suggestions help, we may need to take a look at your data. Please contact [email protected] to arrange this.



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Yeah it was the "G" Value, I didn't realize i had two of the lith types with the same value. Thanks a bunch!


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Yes, G-value took me a long time to figure out especially that I had to add new lithologies and did'nt realize that the G-values got defaulted to 1. Here's how I associated the G-values with the certain soils. Had to refer to a Soil Mechanics book to try to correlate numerical values to soils. How did you do yours? Hope this helps.

Gravel 1

Sand 2

Poorly-graded Sand 2.2

Silty Sand 2.4

Clayey Sand 2.5

Sandy Clay 2.6

Sandy Silt 2.7

Alluvium 2.8

Silt 3

Sandy Lean Clay 3.1

Lean Clay 3.3

Lean to Fat Clay 3.6

Fat Clay 3.8

Clay 4

Peat 5

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