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Vance Hall

Convert 360 to 180

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Input: well surface locations and bottom hole locations, in x y coordinates, where grid north is essentially UTM grid north for this zone

I used the Linears > Lineation Properties menu to generate wellbore azimuths and the horizontal distance between the surface and bottom hole locations.

Azimuths are from 0-360 degrees.

I want to convert the 0-360 degrees data to 0-180 degrees data. I'm trying to do a statistical comparison, a multilinear regression, using hydrocarbon production as the independent variable and azimuth and horizontal wellbore length as the dependent variables. I consider a well drilled from north to south the same as one drilled from south to north, so I need to convert the azimuths to 0-180 degrees.

Is there a tool to easily accomplish this in Rockware Utilities?

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Unfortunately, there is no way to do this in the Utilities. I would recommending taking the data into Excel and creating a function that says that if an azimuth is greater than 180 that it should be equal to the azimuth - 180.

You should be able to easily copy and paste your data from the Utilites to Excel, and then back into the Utilities.

Let me know if you have questions about this, or if this doesn't make sense.



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