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Printing Multiple Logs on One Page


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If you need to put two logs onto a single page for printing, reports, or distribution, the easiest way is via ReportWorks. This is the page layout tool for both RockWorks and LogPlot.

Easiest method:

1. Open or compile the first log, and with the LPT open, choose the File / Export / to ReportWorks / Current Page. You’ll see the log displayed as an image in a new ReportWorks document.

3. Open or compile the second log, and (again) choose File / Export / to ReportWorks / Current Page.

4. When that ReportWorks document opens, click on the log image and choose Edit / Copy.

5. Click in the other ReportWorks document and choose Edit / Paste.

6. Resize and rearrange the logs as you like using standard click and drag steps.

7. If you resize the log and it appears stretched, double-click on the image and, in the Raster Options window, choose Best Fit for the scaling. This will return the image to its original aspect ratio.

Another method:

If you prefer, you can export the logs individually to a specific raster format (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc), and then manually place these images into the ReportWorks document. ReportWorks can be launched as a stand-alone program via the Windows Start / Programs / RockWare / ReportWorks shortcut.


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