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Importing Stratigraphy via Excel

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RockWorks2006 has a much improved Excel import program, with vastly increased flexibility and "smarts". If you are importing stratigraphy data, the new importer can create a Stratigraphy "Types" table on the fly - this is where the formation names are defined. (You can define the types in the Excel file, but it's not required.)

Note, however, that the program isn't quite smart enough to do two VERY IMPORTANT follow-up chores after import:

(1) Stratigraphic Order: If the program builds the Stratigraphy Types on the fly, it will simply list the units in the order in which they were encounted during import. You need to use the "order" column in the Stratigraphy Types table to set the uppermost formation to "1" and successive layers downward to sequentially increasing numbers. Once you close the Statigraphy Types table, each well's stratigraphy data will be re-sorted based on the new order, diagram legends will be built in that order, and the stratigraphic modeling tools will have the necessary information to interpolate good models.

(2) Patterns & Colors: Be sure to define the pattern & pattern color for the unit (for logs and cross sections) and the background color (for logs and for all 3D diagams).

The Stratigraphy Types Table can be accessed via the Tables tab along the left edge of the program window, or by double-clicking in the Formation cell in any borehole's Stratigraphy data sheet.

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