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I-Data 3D Model Warning

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When I construct a 3D model of I-data I get a warning “grid and solid dimensions do not match “. The grid model referenced is one I created using dxf data imported into Rockworks. I know that this grid covers a larger area than the modeled I-data from boreholes. However, why is the program using this grid instead of another one (for instance the grid created from the borehole location map)? Can the surface grid be specified? Is the surface grid critical to the 3D model construction? It doesn’t appear to show up on the model diagram as an upper surface.


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Hi David,

It sounds like you might have one or both of the Stratabound filters activated, under the I-Data modeling options. If activated, you need to specify the name(s) of the grid surface(s) to be used (GRD files) to filter the solid model, and you must be sure that the GRD file(s) have the same dimensions as the solid model (MOD) file.

If you want to filter the solid model based on a ground surface grid that you generated in the Borehole Location Map tool using the same project dimensions as established for the solid model, be sure to select that grid model name for the filter, rather than your imported grid. To select the GRD file to be used, expand the Stratabound heading, and the Upper Filter and/or Lower Filter heading (whichever is checked), and click on the Grid Model prompt to select the file.

Though not required, the use of these surface filters can be helpful when creating a solid model, to null-out nodes that lie above ground. Or, you can select specific upper and lower stratigraphic surfaces to constrain modeling to a particular strat unit. The GRD files you select will be used to filter the solid model only - they will not appear as surfaces in the 3D display. You can create 3D images of the surfaces for later appending to the solid model view, using the Stratigraphy/Structural Elevations/3D tool, or the RockWare (Geological) Utilities Map / Grid-Based Map tool.


RockWare Inc

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