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footer section disappeared

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The footer section of my logplot design window has disappeared. When I open a logplot design template, I see the header and body sections, but no footer section. Also the scroll bar to scroll down has disappeared. I don't know how this has happened. Is this some kind of setting?

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Its possible the default settings were corrupted. Go to the "Options" menu and select "Restore Default Settings" and then restart LogPlot. You can also try resizing the LogPlot program window and adjusting the sliders that separate the LogDesign sections.

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Hello Mitch,

Thanks for you reply.

I allready restored the default settings. This doesn't change the situation.

If I try to resize the program window, the "bottom" of the window always stays below my Windows taskbar at the bottom of my screen. It seems that it's impossible to "lift" the lowest part of my program window below the Windows taskbar. Very strange...

Do you think I should re-install the program?

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