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RW2006 - Importing atd files

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Is it possible to import an atd file used in the utilities section into the database?

For example I have fracture information in an atd file that I would like to load into the Fractures table. I would also like to add more columns to the Fracture table.

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Hi John,

The Borehole Manager Fractures tabs are not set up to receive data from the RockWare Utilities datasheet. You can, however, import data to the Fractures tabs via Excel. If you are using RockWorks2006, you can append to existing borehole records; if you are using RockWorks2004, you would need to export existing BH data to Excel, add the fracture data, and then re-import.

The only "transfer" tools between the Utilities datasheet and the Borehole Manager apply to Location and Stratigraphy data, using the File / Transfer options.

There aren't any additional columns available for the Fractures data, either. What were you wanting to include?


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Thanks for the quick response, Molly.

Other columns for fracture data could be Type (shear/joint/bedding), Shape(irreg, planar, stepped), Open/Closed/Mineralised, Domain, etc.

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