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Including a fault in a RockWorks strat section

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RockWorks2004 contains a faulting tool for the inverse-distance gridding algorithm. This allows you to define one or more "polylines" representing the fault, and the gridding process will ignore data on the other side of the polyline as it's interpolating node values.

If you build a modeled stratigraphy profile, section, fence, or stratigraphic model using this gridding method, with the faulting option activated, and if the section crosses the fault line, the offset should be represented within the diagram. Note that if the fault is not vertical, the offset will need to be represented with different polylines for each surface, and you will need to hand-build the stratigraphic section using the tools in the Geological Utilities Grid menu.

If you are drawing a "straight" stratigraphy section or fence diagram, in which the correlation panels are not based on grid surfaces but on straight hole-to-hole lines, then you can export the non-faulted image to DXF for modification in a CAD program, to a BMP/JPG/TIFF image for modification in a paint-style program, or to ReportWorks for hand-drawing of the correlation polygons.

Future versions of RockPlot2D will offer more editing tools for modifying section lines and polygons.

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