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How to install a LogPlot Upgrade (LP2003 - 2005)

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If you have upgraded from LogPlot2003 to LogPlot2005, the upgrade is installed just like a new license. LogPlot2005 is installed into a new directory inside the Program Files folder on the computer, and both programs can exist on the computer with no problems. *

The unlocking process is also the same for upgrades as for new licenses. At the startup screen, the user clicks the Unlock Trial Version button and makes note of the Installation Number. They can then visit www.rockware.com/unlock.html and enter their name, company name, license registration number and installation number (being sure to visit the registration screen along the way) and RockWare will reply with the unlocking code specific to the new installation.

LogPlot does allow you to modify the program keyword, pattern, and symbol libraries, and LP2005 can use the ‘2003 versions. By default, the LogPlot2003 libraries are:

Program Files\LogPlot 2003\LP2003.key

Program Files\LogPlot 2003\rockutil.pat

Program Files\LogPlot 2003\rockutil.sym

However, many users move these files to project folders or to their server, assign new names, etc. The location and name of these libraries in use in your copy of LogPlot2003 can be seen in that version’s Options / Program Files window. Before uninstalling the LP2003 program, be sure that you’ve moved those libraries to a location for use in LogPlot2005. The default location for these files in ‘2005 is

Program Files\RockWare\LogPlot2005\System\

but (as with ‘2003) you can store them wherever you like. Just be sure to tell the program which libraries to use, via the Options / Program Files window.

* All of your files from LogPlot2003 are fully usable in LP2005, though once they’ve been saved in the newer version you won’t be able to use them in the older one. In other words, they are upward-compatible but not backward. You don’t need to uninstall ‘2003 until you are sure that all data files, log designs, log plots, and program libraries are all set up for use in the new version. If you are unsure about removing the older version, there’s no problem just leaving it installed.

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